Arctic Fishery Alliance

Management Team

AFA has established a team of key personnel who have extensive experience in the commercial fishery that will ensure the success of its business. Together the management team has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the maximum benefits are derived from AFA’s commercial turbot allocation. This experience and expertise has been further fortified by participation in the Nunavut turbot fishery over the past 5 years.

Chairman of the Board:

The chairman of the AFA board of directors is Lootie Toomasie. Prior to assuming the position of Chairman of AFA, Mr. Toomasie was chairman of the Nattivak HTA as well as mayor of the community of Qikiqtarjuaq. He has also held the position of Chair of the Nunavut Association of Municipalities. Mr. Toomasie has been a driving force in establishing AFA with the goal of ensuring the benefits of the commercial fishery are more widely distributed in the Nunavut Territory. Mr. Toomasie’s presence on the board since the inception of AFA has provided him with a unique blend of experience and knowledge of how the Nunavut turbot fishery is operated.

General Manager:

Harry Earle holds the title of General Manager of the AFA operations. He has extensive experience related to the fishery and business development. Mr. Earle holds a CA designation and for 8 years held the senior management position with Fishery Products Ltd. of Vice President Finance and Treasurer at a time when the company was one of the largest fishing companies in Atlantic Canada. Mr. Earle has also been employed as a tax specialist with a major CA firm. In recent years he had acted as a business and fishery consultant to a number of clients.

For the past 5 years Mr. Earle has been the General Manager of AFA. Over this time, with the support of the AFA Board of Directors, they have been able to grow the fishing operation from a royalty based fishery to one where multiple communities are able to maximize the financial and social returns of the resource.

Vessel Manager:

Brendan O’Dell was retained by AFA in 2011 to act as the Vessel Manager for the fleet. In addition to being the Vessel Manager, Mr. O’Dell also spends time on the Suvak mentoring and training Inuit harvesters. Brendan has been involved in the fishery for 25 years, 20 of which were spent harvesting Northern turbot. Parts of his duties in the past have included quality control as well as vessel management and operations.

Controller/Office Manager:

Paul Crummell was hired by AFA in 2014 to act as the Controller and Office Manager for the partnership. Paul has extensive experience in the financial industry covering some 35 years. In the past he has worked for several accounting firms including AFA’s current financial advisors and auditors Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Community Development Officer:

Mark Akeeagok was hired by AFA in 2015 to act as Community Development Officer for the partnership. As the former manager of Iviq Hunter and Trapper Association of Grise Fiord, Mark is well-versed in coordinating socio-economic development projects. He will assist AFA maximize the impacts of its community benefits program.